Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be getting more dates to perform? The more the world keeps getting back to normal the more dates I'll fill

- What's your real name?  Thomas Anthony Gucciardo Jr. 

- Why do you go by Gooch?  Cause that's what everyone calls me

- Why do you spell it that way? Cause my father always spelled it that way 

- How long have you been doing Stand Up?  Started performing in 1999

- Do you travel for your gigs?  Sure, I'll travel anywhere for a gig

- Do you do any acting?  Yes absolutely


- Do you do impersonations? No, nothing like that

- How would you describe your act? Ranting, Self Deprecating kinda 

- Why is that?  It's pretty much an extension of my personality, I feel I bring out my best comedy that way 

- Can I request you play at a certain Comedy Club I attend? Sure, Please do

- What Should I say? That you enjoy my act & would come to see me if I performed there 

- Is it true you are a big Elvis fan?  Elvis Presley yes! Since I've been a little boy I've had a spirited passion for him & his music 

- Is it true your son's middle name is Elvis?  Yup, Nicholas Elvis

- Does fatherhood affect your act? My son seems to find his way into my comedy, So yes

- You're so Funny you're definitely a Natural!  That's not a question, but thanks! People say that & I can't hear it enough!